Buying at auction is a fantastic way to secure the property you are after. Auction allows for an immediate exchange of contracts on the fall of the gavel or at the end of the online auction, meaning that you secure the property without the risk of being gazumped or the chain falling through.


To give you time to undertake relevant checks, properties are normally marketed for 3 weeks, the marketing period for online auction properties can differ.  If successful, you will immediately exchange contracts and have 28 days to complete your purchase. Further information is provided in the legal pack, as the completion date can sometimes vary.


With an immediate exchange of contracts, you know the property is yours without the risk of the sale falling through. You will be required to pay a 10% deposit (subject to a minimum of £5,000) and your administration fee to secure the property.


Whether bidding in an auction room or online, the bidding process is totally open and transparent. You will be able to view other bids and place your bid accordingly, up to your maximum limit. This avoids the possibility of a property being sold to a ‘preferred buyer’ or you being gazumped at the last minute.

Wide selection of properties

We hold six auctions each year, as well as online auctions, giving you a wide selection of properties to choose from including vacant residential and commercial properties, investments, land/development opportunities, garage blocks and ground rents. We also sell unconventional properties, such as former public houses, churches, police stations and nursing homes.

If you would like to know more about buying by auction, please contact us, or call us on 0121 312 1212. Alternatively, see our useful guide to buying at auction, or FAQs.

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